Clean, Healthy, Protein Packed Egg & Quinoa Muffins

This is an amazing recipe that you can adapt into your own version with your own favourite vegetables or toppings. Its easy to make, full of protein, healthy fats, vegetables for vitamins and minerals and the quinoa has all nine essential amino acids!! How’s that!!!

I’ve made mine to snack on daily in between meals but you can couple them up for breakfast or with a salad for lunch!!

6 rubber cake moulds
1 cup of Quinoa (boiled and seasoned with salt & pepper)
3 eggs
Red pepper
Salt and pepper to taste
Chilli flakes optional if you like a little spice!!!!

Put a spoonful of the cooked quinoa at the bottom of each casing.
Grate the courgette (zucchini) and red pepper.
Mix 3 eggs together and add the grated vegetables
Spoon or pour on top of the quinoa in the casing. Try to make as even as possible or like me you will find the muffins will cook at different times!
Fill the case to as high as you can.
Cook in a preheated over at 180 until cooked and browned. Mine took 20-25 mins too cook

The options here are endless. You can add your favourite vegetables, or your worst vegetable (so they are more edible to you!) you could even pieces of chopped bacon to them! I’d really love to see your version so please send them to me or link me in to your post or Instagram photo’s! Please feel free to share this photo with friends or relatives that might like this recipe or maybe even the blog itself!!!


20140127-222130.jpg your version so please send them to me or link me in to your post or Instagram photo’s!


  1. Looks awesome. Can I ask, do you think it would be okay to add protein powder to these? How long will they keep in the fridge?

    • To be honest it has enough protein in them, it’s not necessary. They are a savoury dish so if you did, you would have to use a non flavoured protein. They keep in the fridge just fine. They are so delicious they are not around for long! Lol

  2. Cheers for replying. 🙂 I’m on a very high protein diet, so look for anywhere I can stuff extra protein in. :p Can’t wait to make these. I’ll def upload to Instagram!

    • Yes please! I want to see you version! I think i’m gonna try adding spinach to my next batch! Maybe you can serve with lentils/beans or a chicken breast for extra protein content! Good luck!

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