February Challenge- Feel Better In 5

Welcome to the details of my February Challenge inspired by Doctor Chatterjee’s book Feel Better In 5

If you’ve read the book you’ll know all the goodness that this challenge will already promote but if not here is a rough low down….
What is it?
Dr Chatterjee suggests spending 15 mins a day on 3 different aspects of your life. 5 minutes for the Heart (relationships with people), 5 minutes on your mind (meditation and mindfulness) and 5 minutes on your body – which is where my challenge comes in!!
I will be exercising/moving 5 minutes every day (I will be posting videos Mon-Fri) and I invite you to join me.
Why 5 minutes?
5 minutes everyday is a more manageable amount of time that even the busiest people can find. You may need to sacrifice 5 minutes of scrolling on social media but let’s face it – that’s always gonna be a win win situation!
Of course, working out for 30-60 minutes at a gym, an outdoor run or a team sport would be fantastic and an added extra but this challenge is for those that maybe don’t workout at all or regularly.
What is better a promised workout of 2 x 60 minutes at the gym that never happen or 5 minutes every day that does!
Who is this challenge aimed at? 
As mentioned this challenge is aimed at those that don’t workout regularly or not at all, people who are new to fitness, maybe struggling to keep up that New Years resolution, or are super busy at work, being a mum or with life in general.
However I’m all for inclusivity and invite everyone to come along for this ride, what’s to lose? 
The benefits?
  • Creating a habit/ritual – they say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit and February has 4 so we are already winning!
  • You will move more! 5 minutes a day is 35 minutes over 7 days. A 35 minute workout a week is better than none! Who knows you may feel inspired to do the workout twice and get in 10 minutes of movement!!
  • May help with anxiety – This one is huge for me and although Dr Chatterjee has a separate 5 minutes devoted to the mind, 5 minutes of moving can also help pump some feel good endorphins into your system. Achieving a goal is always rewarding and even though this is just 5 minutes a day, it’s the little goals added together to create the bigger picture – A healthier you!
So what’s the plan? 
I will be posting 5 x 5 minute workouts on Instagram @Lilfitmiss and my Facebook page – Lilfitmiss.
Each week I will provide a workout of
  1. Upper body
  1. Lower body
  1. All body
  1. Yoga
  1. Stretch
  • They will be low impact and using weights will be optional.
  • You will be able do these workouts in the morning while you are waiting for the kettle to boil, at the office on a break, in front of the TV or anywhere else you choose.
  • These won’t be crazy, sweaty workouts so no  gym wear is required either.

You literally watch my video’s when your free and follow along.

All I need is you to commit to 5 minutes or moving with me everyday? How about? 
To join in head over to my instagram or Facebook page. I also invite you to share this with friends and love ones that will also benefit from moving more – physically and mentally.

Any questions before the challenge or throughout the month – just ask!

Hopefully see you for the challenge

Lilfitmiss 💋