Damage Limitation

The nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, which can only mean one thing. Christmas is approaching and the party season will soon be upon us.

For some of us Fitfam, a night out can make us quite nervous because;

You’re the kind of person who’s been dedicated to stay on track all summer and the thought of ruining all your hard work in one night would be a huge disappointment.


You’re not the kind of person that can go out and have one drink. You either go crazy and consume one months calories in one night or avoid social occasions altogether and now your friends class you as boring.

However, do not fear, this blog is for you! Cinderella can go to the ball and not spoil all her hard work, I promise. Just follow these few steps before letting your hair down.

  • Get your workouts done for the week before the night out. Organise your diary so your rest day is the day after the event. That way you won’t feel guilty when you skip the gym that day. If you have time on the day of the event to workout, great, but if not be honest with yourself and shedule it in for another time during the week.
  • Eat healthy and be strict with your diet in the week leading up to the event. Not only will this allow you to feel your best in your LBD but you also save a few extra calories to enjoy with your friends.
  • Think ahead when you plan your weekly shopping list and look for healthier versions of the naughty treats you normally chose during/after the event. Be realistic. If you know you’re going to be hungover the next day and always crave a Takeaway Pizza, then buy a ‘build your own’ pizza from the supermarket during the week. Choosing the thinner base or veggie options will instantly save on calories and saturated fat. If you enjoy a fry up the day after to fight the hangover, then buy wholemeal bread, eggs and avocado for a nutritious, filling, hot breakfast. If you know you normally have a midnight snack when you get in after a night out then organise a healthy option  to have (I love a bowl of oats and fruit when I get in late, no lie!) Also, if you are going to someones house for the evening, take your own low calorie/diet mixer with you to ensure you don’t get caught out.

The morning after the night before doesn’t have to be so naughty to make you feel better!

  • On the day and leading up to the event, hydrate as much as you can. Aim to drink around 3 litres of water a day. Not only will this fight bloatedness and help you look your best but it will also fight the effects of drinking alcohol and more importantly the hangover. During the evening make sure you always chase your alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.
  • If your plans involve eating out, check the restaurants website for an online menu and nutritional information. You can decide what you will order ahead of time, before the drinks start flowing, and therefore chose a dish that best suits your healthy eating plan (or as near to as you can get to it!)
  • When it comes to your tipple, choose clear spirits and pair with sparkling water or diet sodas. These drinks have less calories in. Add in a lemon or lime to enhance the taste if needed, these are calorie free (but alas, you can’t count these as one of your 5 a day!) A vodka soda can come in at 70 calories compared to a glass of wine which can be double that. If you are a beer drinker then save 50 calories a drink by chosing the light beer option.
  • Stock up on some Milk Thistle and take a dose before and after a night out. This traditional herbal remedy can reverse the damaging effects of alcohol reducing hangover symptoms and speed up the healing process to liver damage.
  • Finally, if you do over do it, accept the situation and move on. Those ‘dieters’ that beat themselves up over a few bad food choices are more likely to fall off the wagon for good. Don’t say to yourself ‘I ruined the diet last night so I might as well have a blow out weekend.’ Instead, say to yourself ‘I enjoyed myself last night but now I need to get back on track and have a healthy day!’


With these tips in toe you will be able to enjoy a guilt free night out or two without ruining all your hard work and effort that has brought you this far.

Have fun. Stay healthy AND happy,

Lilfitmiss 💋

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