What is this hashtag and why do I want you to use it?
Before I can explain this, we need to know what the word healthy means.

Here is what Google Dictionary has to say…

Healthy – Its not a rigid or strict diet, a set way of living or a certain amount/intensity of exercise. It is a lifestyle choice. A choice that is completely your own, that suits you. Healthy is a lifestyle that makes you look and feel good inside and out. Mind, body and soul. It is a variable, that means different things to different people.

For some people, healthy means working out in a gym daily for 2 hours with a restricted diet counting calories and macros. For others, it may mean going for walks with the dog in a beautiful green park and saying no to that extra slice of pizza because they are watching what they eat.

It is also silly to think that one kind of diet (by that I mean food choices) can suit everyone. There are so many diets out there, they all have their pro’s and con’s, its about finding and trialling what works for you and your goals.

Gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, slimming world, vegan, sugar free, meal replacement shakes, the list is endless.


MY version of healthy…

When I started my fitness journey 4 years ago my goal was to be skinny, then I wanted to be strong and after a while I decided I wanted to be healthy.

For me, healthy means moderation and balance. I eat well and exercise most of the time (mainly because I enjoy it) but also embracing the lazy days and enjoying the naughty treats when I choose to.

I suffer with Fibromyalgia (another blog post to come,) so I choose to limit dairy, gluten and sugar in my diet as I find these really amplify my symptoms.

However saying that, its quite well known I’m partial to a custard cream or two every now and then because, let’s not forget, that being healthy also means having a healthy mind!


Your version of healthy….

You may have children and are limited on time (and energy) and struggle to visit the gym. *Praised hands to all you mumma’s out there!* Maybe you’re version of healthy is a walk in the park with the baby in the pushchair or 20 minutes HIIT workout in the living room while the baby sleeps or 5 minutes of meditation here and there throughout the day, wherever you can fit it in to keep you sane!! Depending on your goal, you may want to go on a restricted diet to lose weight or maybe you would rather concentrate on just being present with your child. #FindYourHealthy

You may work a 9 to 5 in an office and live for the weekend and seeing friends, so you choose to have a very strict diet and gym regime Monday to Friday so you can enjoy this. #FindYouHealthy

Maybe your version of healthy means spending hours in the gym because it aids towards keeping a healthy mind. #FindYourHealthy

Perhaps you’re the kind of person that loves to set a fitness goal or challenge, like a marathon or bikini competition, and working hard towards them keeps you healthy. #FindYourHealthy

Netflix binging and ice cream eating every so often can also go towards staying healthy – if thats what it means to you! #FindYourHealthy


Too often people will have an opinion on your workout routine or on the new diet you chose to lose a few pounds. They will tell you what’s right or wrong. But their version of healthy may not be the same as yours and that’s ok! Perhaps those people need to keep their opinions/advice to themselves unless asked for. Or, if you are the kind of person that loves to preach about your chosen healthy lifestyle (Hands up, I admit this was once me!) then just be mindful that it may not suit everyone and that everyone can have their own version of healthy. 

*If friends or family genuinely believe you are doing harm to yourself with your ‘healthy’ lifestyle choices I urge them to speak up and yourself seek help. Wrongful use of drugs or suspected eating disorders for example.*

#FindYourHealthy is finding the right amount of eating well and daily activity thats suits you. The balance between the two will differ from person to person depending on lifestyle, job, family, age and goals. Find and accept your version of healthy and along with it will come happiness.
We are not all the same and however you choose to #FindYourHealthy it’s ok

Lilfitmiss 💋

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