WODDING with Friends 

Most bestie’s meet up for wine. We meet up for workouts!! 

After a quick strength session of front squats and isolation work we planned to finish with an absolute killer. However what wasn’t planned is seeing our other two male friends in the gym at the same time. 

So naturally, as fitfam do, we dragged them in to our finisher!! As guys do they had just finished a chest session (rolls eyes) and they were wary at first to get involved in whatever crazy crossfit style workout we had planned. After promises of us going through it first, they reluctantly agreed! Now this workout isnt for the faint hearted (especially after a strength session) but we cracked on. 

Its may sound easy but this little finisher gets real tasty, real quickly and by the end of it Laura and myself were peeling ourselves off the floor. That would put most people off but the guys stood up to the challenge and completed the EMOM. Although they had thoughts of dying mid-WOD, (as you do) they carried on to the bitter end and for non crossfit, regular gym-goer people this is a huge achievement and I’m super proud of them for sticking with it! 

Working out with friends is so much more fun, check out the photos below to prove it!! 

Why not give it a go yourself (with or without a partner)!!

*If your gym doesn’t have an assault bike then swap in rowing for the same amount of calories*

Don’t be fooled by the 10 minute workout! 


Laura on the assault bike and my turn to do burpees.


 The boys taking on the challenge!

If you don’t look/feel like this after a workout, have you even worked out?!  Haha 
Good luck and be sure to let me know how you get on!! 

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