Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

This post is especially for Hostie’s and my cabin crew friends that always tell me they struggle with their fitness/diet when we fly. When they are home, they can stick to eating clean and going to their classes but when its time for work they lose their discipline. So i thought i’d write a post on what i do when i fly.

I’m off to Boston tomorrow and check in around lunch time. Below is how i have planned for this trip…

1. Prepared Lunch – I have made an extra large portion of my dinner tonight that i can refrigerate and take to work for lunch/dinner tomorrow. Its just in a tupperware box thats allowed through security and i’ll reheat it on the plane when i’m hungry.

2. Prepare Snacks – I have a packet of blueberries to take on the plane with me and have made up a portion of almonds also. Just one portion of fruit and nuts for this flight as they are not allowed through customs in the USA, so must finish both before getting off the plane.

3. Prepared Protein Shakes – i’ll have a protein shake in the morning just before i leave for work (around 10.30am) and i’ll pack 4 more portions for the entire trip. One for landing into Boston if i’m still hungry, two for the next day before and after my workout and one last one to have on hand for breakfast coming into land back into the UK. Protein shakes are so handy as they are allowed through customs, don’t need refrigerating or reheating, easy to transport and healthy!!

4. Suitcase Goodies – I’ll pack green tea bags and protein bars in my suitcase for snacking and drinking in my room down route if i fancy them.

5. Planning Workouts – We have access to a great gym in Boston so will plan what workout i’ll be doing while i’m away. It will be ‘Leg Day’ for me!! (Ouch!)

6. My Next Meal – While i’m away i will plan what i’ll have for lunch and what i’ll have for dinner on the plane. In Boston there’s a great healthy supermarket not far from our hotel so i’ll head over to there when i land to buy some fruit to snack on during the day and then after my workout head back over there to buy some hot food for lunch and some more food for my flight home!

So, it might seem a lot to remember but its not really that hard. Its about making preparation a habit.

I hope this helps you on your quest of fitness and health! Good luck!!


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