Lil Fit Miss Ladies Leg day

Just had the craziest leg day to date. So much energy i don’t even know where it came from! To mix up the work out and keep my heart rate up i incorporated loads of different techniques, from tabata, drop sets and supersets. There’s no need to go as hard as i did to get great results but if you up for a challenge or fancy a change why not give it a go…

LilFitMiss Ladies Leg Day

>>>10 min bike – 5min warm up 5min Tabata
(Tabata – 20secs as fast as you possibly can, 10sec rest)

>>>Superset x3sets
Wide stance leg press x12 80kg
Alternate lunges x24 15kg.
Donkey kicks on all fours x12 per leg 14kg
1 min timed rest

>>>Superset x3
Lightweight low squats (proper ass to grass low) x12 20kg
Squat and press x6 20kg
1 min timed rest

>>>5 min bike tabata

>>>Leg curls 35kg – 28reps x3
7normal reps
7slow reps (2up 2down)
7half reps from top
7half reps from bottom
1 min timed rest

>>>Abductors drop set x3
12 burpee’s – no rest

>>>5 min bike tabata

>>>Adductors x3
12 goblet squats – no rest

>>>Straight leg deadlift x3
12 x 30kg

>>>5min power plate on legs – squats, lunges and hip raises

>>>20 min slow run

You will be craeling out of the gym after this but have an ass to die for! Good luck!

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