Support over fashion


I bagged myself two pairs of Nike Lunar-glides from my visit to New Jersey this week! I was in love with both colours and the fact that they were reduced i just couldn’t say no!
I had set out to buy some Nike Free’s but after researching on the internet and talking to the staff in store, the Free’s were really not suited to my feet.
I’m flat footed which means i over pronate (the majority of people over pronate) and when i exercise it puts extra pressure on other area’s of my body, especially my knees!
Although i do not run a crazy amount of miles like some people i still notice the pressure on my knees on my daily 20 minutes treadmill hit. I also notice that my knees turn in on heavy squats and lunges due to my flat feet not being supported.
I cannot wait to try these babies out and turn up my gym session!

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