Achieving a goal every gym session

Every gym session i try and do better at something i usually do. Like a running further, cycling faster, lifting heavier, more reps or trying a new exercise i’ve never done before. I love pushing myself every gym session to achieve new goals.

Today’s gym session i achieved to things:

A PB in rowing – i got my 1000m under 5 minutes. I row as a warm up and really kept track of how far or how fast i go. Over the last month i have changed this and have shaved about a minute or so off my 1000m time!

My first proper pull up – i have been focusing on building my back muscles in the last two months to achieve this! I can do chin ups and have been practicing them too but i have never been able to do a proper pull up until now! Now my new challenge is to work on my wide grip pull up!

Feeling very motivated and a little bit dead after todays gym session!

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